About Us

Who's running this thing, anyway?

I am Nicole Bartlett (far right), a 15+ year veteran of Early Childhood Education. I have made my career teaching young children and teachers of young children. The early years are incredibly important for helping little humans to grow into wonderful adults. It's also one of the most challenging age groups to teach! Allow me to help you learn more about teaching without the stress and exhaustion. I use real-life examples, practical strategies and a good dash of sarcasm to bring the joy back into teaching!

My Career

I started working in Early Childhood education when I was still in high school. I had always enjoyed the company of children much more than that of adults! After graduating, I started college and worked part-time as an afternoon preschool assistant. I became certified to teach as soon as I could and lead my first class the next summer. I then fell in love with Kindergarten and taught for over 5 years. A piece of my soul will always be a Kindergarten teacher. I was promoted to a role coaching other teachers, first in a single school and growing until I was coaching in 13 different schools, writing curriculum, managing assessment, creating individual learning plans and more! I currently work part-time at a college as an instructor in Preschool Curriculum.

Personal Life

My wife and I are both early childhood educators. Together, we have over 30 years of experience! We have each worn many hats in the field, and love the role of leading teachers. We live in New England with our three daughters. I am the birth mother of our youngest child and the bonus mom to the older two. Our home is pagan-based, but our teaching is secular. We love creating art, spending time outdoors and lounging with our four cats.

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