Rocking Pre-Reading Skills!

Reading? In Preschool?

Ugh! Don't we pile enough curriculum into the day? Shouldn't we just let kids be kids, for Pete's sake!

Well, of course kids should be kids! I will teach you how to SNEAK pre-reading skills into play. These skills will help your students to latch onto reading quickly and easily when they enter kindergarten. The teachers role in this case, is to teach children how to learn. Early reading skills predict life-long school success. Tell them what rhymes, and they'll remember that rhyme; Teach them how to listen for rhymes and they'll become proficient readers!

Who is this workshop for? Teachers of children who have not yet begun to read.

What is included? 4 fifteen-minute training videos, 8 prep-free lessons (4 small group and 4 whole group), a short quiz to earn your certificate.

Cost: $10